Where Did the Last Three Weeks Go?

fox09 by timepunchingThey went somewhere, but I’m not sure exactly on the “where” part. I attended some events, fought some, blew out both of my fencing boots within a month of each other, fought in sneakers, had a huge FM flare up, and started making copper wire rings and painting scrolls to take my mind off the pain.

Alright, fine. I’ll go into more detail.

July 2-3 was Grace and Valor. It was super hot and there was hardly any wind. There were a lot of classes, but I confess that I spent most of my time chatting with people and bumming around, desperately trying to stay out of the sun to not be burned.

July 8-9 was Caer Galen Defender. I managed to blow out my backup pair of fencing boots. I ended up running around in my sneakers the entire event. I did crash at the end of the day, sacking out in the backseat of a car until we got home. I remember sleeping most of the following day.

July 15-16 was Rapier Camp and War Collegium. I felt pretty good that weekend and ran around more than I probably should have. I have a cadet brother now and I was also awarded my Silver Tynes.

Last week I flared up pretty severely. I was in pain most of the week. There’s some residual pain, and I had a minor flare today. I stayed home in the hopes of quelling it in order to work the rest of the week before a friend of mine visits next week.

This past weekend I went Pokemon hunting at the local lake and caught, among other pokemon, Magikarp. It’s 400 candy to evolve him, so I’ll have Magikarp forever, give or take a day. Saturday was pretty quiet. I had a fantastic dinner with friends and my Don and his lady. SO MUCH FOOD. So good. Sunday was a Mad Hatter Tea Party birthday party. It was a lot of fun, complete with tea cups and saucers, finger foods, and changing seats.

I need some rest now, after a seemingly long work week. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll update as I can.

facebook_photo_download_10201816842423014I’ve moved into the new place and the cats appear to be settling in alright. Not too much fighting and they’ve stopped hissing at me. I don’t blame them They’ve never moved much and they’ve moved twice in about six months. They have more room, and I think that’s helping.

I haven’t done much except move and unpack. I didn’t catch a flareup in time last night and I paid for it all last night until the wee hours of the morning. I slept most of the day and I’m feeling well enough to move around now. Let’s hope my body agrees with that and what food I’m able to eat stays down.

And Life Keeps Happening

whine01 by timepunchingRemember I said that I was going to have a roommate? Said roommate’s car died on her and she had to buy a new one. She doesn’t feel comfortable moving out of her current living space and into a new one with the car payment.

I’ve decided to look for a place on my own. There are some promising places that I’ve submitted an application to. I should hear back by Monday or Tuesday. That’s the big hiccup that’s happened.

Also, I finished a story. Not a short story, but a story. It’s blowing my mind right now.

Not much else to report for now. I’m focusing on the move.

Sooooo, Life Happened

zone23 by timepunchingWhich, in a way, was exciting.

Prepare yourselves for a lengthy post.

The main reason for my absence was trying to get a situation with an ex under control. His behavior was erratic  and borderline obsessive/stalkerish (he found out where I lived once and I had to demand he leave five times before he left. His reason why he didn’t leave after being asked the first time? Because he loved me and leaving meant he didn’t love me. No. Refusing to leave meant he had no respect for me and was willing to impose his will over me). So much so that people that I trust urged me to take every precaution I can to protect myself. Unfortunately, that included letting some things slip by the way side as I focused on trying to get things straightened out and the ex out of my life.

I found out today that he moved and is about a two hour drive away from me. I’m relieved, as it means that I will no longer run the risk of seeing him in town. I have a few things to pick up from a friend who was able to rescue some of the stuff that the ex took with him.

After nearly four years, he’s finally leaving me alone. Maybe, hopefully, things will start turning around and I’ll never see him again.

Now that the Ex is out of the picture, I may be able to finally start turning things around and get things in working order. Baby steps, I’m told. From where I’m standing, I’ve been taking baby steps for the past four years. It hasn’t been until the Ex stopped trying to purposely ruin everything for me that things are starting to come around. Most people are bitter toward their Exes, and sometimes go out of their way to make the other person miserable for things that were rather quite small. I’m in the position that if he were to be involved in an unfortunate accident that I wouldn’t shed a tear. It wasn’t small things that he did that I’ve blown into a mole hill. To give you an idea of his character (along with the previous example I gave), he threatened to kill himself if I ever broke off the relationship and left him. Even after breaking things off with him, he was going out of his way to make my life miserable.

This is a huge relief that he’s out of the city. Along with me moving, I hope he never finds me again.

Christmas was a quiet affair, and I don’t remember much of anything happening other than a Christmas exchange of gifts as well as several dinners. The New Year was spent with friends celebrating their wedding anniversary.

I didn’t celebrate my birthday this year. I was working 12 hours of mandatory OT every week, and I was too exhausted to celebrate. Someone suggested I celebrate my “half birthday.” I did the math and it turns out that my half birthday is on 14 July, which is Bastille Day. I have a perverse desire to gather as many friends as possible to dress in 18th century French clothing and go to the local trampoline park. There would, of course, be a cake with a guillotine on it.

The next few months saw me working 12 hours of mandatory OT and sleeping. I attended events where I could. I attended Candlemas and I was officially made a cadet (fencing student) to a Don (fencing master). It was the end of January, and the weather was perfect that day. Small favours, I suppose.

I did go to Estrella War again, but I rolled my ankle during the first tournament bad enough that I couldn’t fight for the rest of the war. It was a good 8 weeks before I could fight standing again. The time did give me a chance to work on fighting “legged” and I became rather decent at fighting legged as well as fighting against a legged opponent.

After February, the months became a blur. I know I went to some events, but damn if I can remember any details. My life consisted of working a 52 hour work week, sleeping, eating, and showering. Most often in that order. Then there was the fibro that flared, which it does every Spring. I don’t know how everyone has put up with me with all the bitching I’ve been doing. Summer is right around the corner, and I’m very much looking forward to it.

I did find a roommate and during that time, and just now things are starting to slow down. Mandatory OT has been reduced, I have my weekends back, and I have the tiniest bit of a social life outside of work now. My roommate and I have figured out where we would like to live and will be submitting our applications shortly. I’m a little terrified that we’ll be turned down because my credit is still pretty bad.  I’m hoping that because I’ve been very steady with car and student loan payments that everything will be approved.

That, in summary, is what’s been going on. I’ll post when I can as I get things organized.


NaNoWriMo 2015


That’s right! I’m participating again this year. I did something different this time and created an outline. I don’t know how well the muse will follow the outline, but it’s been helpful so far. I had a splurge of activity during the first two days, but it’s tapered off the past few days. Namely because of training for the new job. My brain is about ready to burst with all the information they’re trying to dump into my brain. By the time I get home, I want to work on other projects: the herb garden, cleaning up the loft, cleaning out the storage unit, cleaning the condo, and sewing projects. Those are just some of the things. This is my last week of training and then I’m jumping right into my new shift.

Even so, I have a feeling that most of my writing will be done on the weekends, and very little be updated during the week. Anyway, this was just a quick post. I hope everyone has a good week!

Things Went a Little Sideways, But in a Good Way

GhEUv by timepunchingI got a new job! I started training this week. The weeks previous were me trying to get everything done for web support and making sure they had everything they needed before I switched departments. It’s a good thing. There’s a pay raise since I’ve been with the company for two years, there’s a pay grade raise because of the new job, and I’m off the phones. There is a shift change. I’ll be working evenings. I was little disgruntled at first until I realized that all of this will be happening over the winter months. The evening shift may be the best thing for me. If I’m having a rough morning because my body is fighting me, I can take a little extra time to get out of bed and get ready.

NaNo is also right around the corner. When I wasn’t getting a continuity binder of sorts together for my old team I was working on the outline for this year’s project. I have everything figured out now. I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before in the storytelling department: I’m starting from the end. Lucien is one of the central characters, so his story has a lot of spoilers in it. It makes more sense to start from the end, then go back to how he managed to get to where he was in the story.

Working on the outline jump started me on finishing the overall timeline/outline for Caeruleus Aether. When I finished with it, I was both satisfied and left wondering what to do next. It was such a huge thing, this timeline. A lot of things were rewritten or were changed from their original inception. That’s not to say that things won’t change; however, I know the general direction things will be written.

No, not a lot of things were being done. They were time consuming. With all of these changes happening, I’m most excited about working regular shifts (for the most part). The job itself is data entry and practically no time on the phones. I can listen to listen or audio books to my heart’s content. I can curl my hair if I want to now. I might even be bothered to put on makeup instead of rolling out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast and head straight into work.

The shift change will cut into fencing, but everyone’s been very supportive and willing to work around that. Sundays are an option, as there’s a lot of free time on that day for most people. I hope everything works out, despite know that – for the most part – things will. I keep telling myself that I still have weekends free, even if I work later now. 

That’s all I have for today. I hope everyone is doing well and have a Happy Hallowe’en!

I was Done with This Week by Tuesday

plunniedThe dryer broke. The vacuum broke. One set of blinds broke. The washer is on the fritz. I had to spring for a new vacuum cleaner, which was something I really didn’t want to do. I ran a fever for three days for absolutely no reason.

Between the severe flare up last week and the fever this week, unpacking the car was difficult. I did as much as I could when my body was up for it, but it was still slow going. It felt like a huge accomplishment when I unpacked the car. Emptying out the storage unit and going to the gym were also put on hold until I was feeling better. I’m still experiencing pain, but not nearly on the level that it was the previous week. I’m hoping this week the pain lessens and I return to the “normal” level of pain.

I have new neighbors. I think they’re German and look to be about college age. They have really weird taste in music. They’re pretty quiet during the week, music is a loud on the weekends. They seem nice enough.

The herb garden is going well. I moved everything indoors, and with the temperatures dropping at night now, the garden seems to be perking up a bit. The trick now will be making sure the herbs survive the winter. There’s no AC in the condo, only heat. The loft also gets a lot of sunlight. I think they will do well. If not, I I’ll buy more, harvest, and see what I can do to take better care of them.

The goals for this week: organize the loft enough that I can start putting furniture in and prepare for my sister’s wedding. Wish me luck.

Battlemoor VI

alchemy02 by timepunchingI needed the week to decompress and get the condo together before I write about the weekend that was Battlemoor. We’ll start with Thursday.

I made sure to pack the night before, as the plan was to work the full day and leave promptly from work. I worked the full day, jumped in the car, put gas in the tank, and was on my way. The drive wasn’t too bad, despite the random traffic jams that didn’t involve any of the construction sites. Traffic did slow down due to hard rain. Despite the traffic, I was able to arrive on site before sun down. With help, I was able to unpack the car and set up my tent before night fall. I didn’t do much that first night except chat with everyone and eat some amazing fry bread.

Friday arrived and was greeted with a hot cup of coffee. I don’t remember much of what I did, as a lot of it was running around, catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a year. Come to think of it, I’m not sure what else I did on Friday. Friday night sticks out in my mind the most. Severe winds ripped through encampments. In our camp alone, one tent was shredded beyond repair. Other people, who were at Battlemoor last year, remembered tents being torn and pavilions collapsing and had panic attacks. Tents were collapsed and they went home. I don’t remember getting much sleep that night.

Once the morning arrived, it seemed entirely too early. Coffee was made long before most were awake and there didn’t seem to be a lack of supply. We were all up late and were all in need of caffeine in some form. The morning was pretty lazy, but once   11229834_956080574435525_175787836350577873_o everyone was awake, those of us fighting were dressed and down at the lists.

The Ladies of the Rose tournament was fun, but the organization of it was sloppy, and no one knew what was going on until suddenly everyone was fighting. I found out later that the reason why there were so many fighters that couldn’t make the list was because sponsors ran out: there weren’t enough Ladies of the Rose to sponsor the fencers because of the new team format. I’m hoping they change it for next year, allowing those that have a close tie to a Lady of the Rose to fight for her. It’s more personal, I feel, and there is — in my experience — a greater desire to fight for her.

The Non-Don Tournament followed. I was able to fight in that one, and it was a lot of fun. I got to fight people that I normally don’t, and that made the tournament all the more rewarding. It took me a while to find a groove, but I eventually did and had an amazing run. I didn’t realize how brutal the tournament was until I was stopped on my way to report to the Mistress of the List by a couple of friends. As soon as I reported, I drank some water and was about to head straight back into line when they stopped me. One of them insisted that I drink the remaining water in my jug and wouldn’t let me go back in until I did.

I had hoped to fight in the Champions Tournament, but the Non-Don wiped me out. I did make sure to take pictures. The rest of the day was spent catching up with people and attending a revel.

11113581_956295057747410_3958743649053531279_oSunday was the Guard Tournament and Grand Court. I found myself a bit upset that my phone died and I couldn’t take any more pictures. Our guard did well, but they pulled some really tough teams and were taken out in two rounds. They were disappointed, but from the sounds of it they want to start training now for next year.

By the end of the day, I was worn out. My tent was broken beyond repair and my body was at it’s limit. Others were in the same boat. I didn’t realize how bad off I was physically until one of my friends insisted that I caravan with him. We made stops as necessary, and I made it home safely.

Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. I flared so severely that all I did was sleep and puke (nausea is part of the condition, and it was so bad that whenever I sat up, the nausea flared and I couldn’t keep anything down). Thursday was my first day back at work, and my stomach was still uneasy. The constant pain had dulled, but I didn’t want to take any chances by over doing it. Friday ended up being worse. I was apparently turning colours and I was sent ho11988708_10206725988421725_7081149788036184566_nme by my supervisor. Sleeping was very welcome. I remember showering at some point, then crawling back into bed.

Saturday I overslept and was almost late for a friend’s birthday party, but I managed to get there. I was grateful that my stomach wasn’t rebelling. The intense pain was gone, as was the nausea. I was able to do some fighting, but not a lot. There was a lot of excellent food and even better alcohol.

The night ended on a high note, and I was worn out enough that I went straight to bed.

Pre-Packing, Last Minute Projects, and the Woes of Life

zoe06 by timepunchingThere appears to be a trend that most of the sewing that’s done is a couple of weeks before an event. What’s even more common is finishing any projects in the wee hours of the morning before you try to catch a quick cat nap and travel to the event.

Not this time.

I was able to finish the new fencing skirt and doublet a week before the event. I was/am very proud of myself.  I did throw in a quick, last minute project, but even that I was able to finish last night. I don’t really know what to do with myself while at work now, as I find the news depressing. It seems the whole world is going to Hell in a handbasket with the way the media portrays the news.

Some of you may find this silly, but I also painted my nails. Why, you ask? It’s to avoid constantly looking at the dirt under my nails and resisting the urge to try to dig the dirt out. I figure if I don’t see the dirt, I won’t want to mess with my nails and make things worse.

I was also promoted at work. It included a pay raise, which I’m happy about. I make a little bit more money, and it’s a huge relief. I’m still in debt, and it seems massive and that I’ll never be able to make any headway. With the pay raise came the realization that the amount I pay to student loans will probably go up. I’m glad to be paying it, but that means more money out of my pocket going towards other debt that I can’t seem to shake.

I’m terrified of loosing my car. I’m terrified of being kicked out of my condo. I’m terrified that I’ll be turned down for a mortgage loan. I’m terrified of being sent to collections. I’m terrified that I’ll loose everything.

There is some good news. I submitted my paperwork to get my Certification of Eligibility for a VA home loan and I was approved for a decent amount of money. I’m hoping that because I can get a VA home loan that I can be approved to buy the condo I’m currently living in. This would mean that the amount of money I pay every month would go down and that’s money back in my pocket to go toward paying bills. I’m also clearing out my storage unit. I’ve made a lot of progress, and I’m starting to get to boxes and pieces of furniture that I can’t lift by myself. I’m really hoping to make some heady way and bribe people with beer and pizza soon to empty it out for good and close the storage unit.

Ideally, I would love to be approved for a little over the required amount to purchase the condo to use some of it to hire movers to empty it out, replace the 80s style chandelier, rip out the front hallway carpeting and put wood in, along with the kitchen floor, and buy a new washer and dryer.

And through it all, I’ll be quietly panicking and praying to the gods above and below for a miracle that I make it through this somehow. In the mean time, I’ll keep working.