Blackbird Drabble

On a lighter note, have a drabble. There will probably be more updates on the wildfire later when I’m able to get more information (and I’m not trying to study for my exam on Wednesday).  Also, if you like the drabble, feel free to click on the image below to start reading the first arc of Blackbird.

Click on the image to start reading the first arc of Blackbird!

What if the storm ends
And I don’t see you
As you are now
Ever again?
The perfect halo
Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against
The planet’s last dance

Characters: Loïc, Vaeramae, Galena, Theseus

Music: “The Lightning Strike” by Snow Patrol

Notes: Thoughts; exploring various relationships. This came to me easier than I thought it would. Probably because of what’s going on near me right now.


There was no choice. With the Devourer on Her way, there were few options left to them. Just as they found evidence that a clay tablet had once resided on this beautiful world, She did as well. As soon as they discovered that the tablet had been relocated — by none other than Marduk, they believed — Loïc, Vaeramae, and a small group of their trusted comrades began to collect what clues they could and move on. Then word arrived that She was one Her way.

It was a hard decision. One they agonized over for what seemed like hours. If the Devourer ate the hearts of all the people on the world, She would gain more power. The world itself would be destroyed after She gained the same clues. As much as it pained them, it was better to destroy the world than to let it fall into the Devourer’s hands.

Theseus put a hand on the Valkyrie’s shoulder, squeezing it gently. “I do not envy you what you must do, but know that you have my support.” He withdrew to stand beside Loïc and Galena. “I am ready to join the others,” he told the alfar.

“Is this really our only choice?” Galena whispered, brushing her strange dark hair with its copper tints out of her eyes. “Can’t we destroy the record of the Tablet ever being here?” Her dark eyes searched their faces before darting over to Vaeramae. “There must be another way.”

“There is no other way.” Vaeramae was facing them, her spear already glowing with magic. “This is the only way to ensure that the Devourer not only won’t find the clues about the Tablet but also not claim the hearts of all those that live here. Better that they be claimed by the gods that they believe in and taken to the Afterlife than to be tortured by Her.”

The korusco stepped away from Theseus and Loïc and toward Vaeramae. “But you’re talking about destroying an entire world, Vaera! Countless lives-”

“That will be destroyed as soon as Am-”

“Don’t say Her name!” Theseus barked at the Valkyrie. “Saying Her name will only bring Her attention here that much sooner.”

Vaeramae lifted her chin and stared at the Greek hero-king for a moment, then turned to Galena. The woman flinched under the goddess’ gaze but didn’t back down. “This world will be destroyed by the Devourer as soon as She gets everything She wants. Destroying this world will be far more merciful than letting it fall into Her hands.”

Loïc was pulling Galena back as Theseus spoke. “What she says is true: this will be better than letting these people fall into the tender mercies of the Destroyer.”

The korusco turned away from the two men, but remained by their sides. Loïc sighed inaudibly and began to cast magic, green fire enveloping them. The first stages of the death of this world was beginning, storm clouds swirling and wind whiping about Vaeramae as she decided the fate of everyone on the planet.

A halo appeared about the Valkyrie, made of her gold hair and lightning. She raised her spear high above her head and slammed the head of her weapon into the ground. The ground sank beneath her, pulling in everything around it.

With a final word, Loïc took Galena and Theseus to the Fae Realm. He would return for Vaeramae as soon as he could. Galena pulled away from them, grieving for the lives that would soon be ending.

“Go,” the king told him. “I will speak with the others.”

Loïc nodded his thanks and returned to the mortal realm. He found Vaeramae floating in the vastness of space and was struck by how empty it looked. Her head was bowed, her grip tight on her spear. Magic aided him as he came up beside her.

“If it can be helped, I don’t want to do this again,” she told him. Her voice was thick with emotion and her eyes were glassy with unspent tears. “I understand why we made this decision, but we shouldn’t have to resort to this.”

He was silent for a long moment, then said, “We may not have a choice in the matter. The Tablet is the most important thing for us to find right now. If what my father said is true, then we cannot, under any circumstances, let Her have the Tablet. That may mean the destruction of more worlds.” He manuvered himself so that he was facing her. “We need you, Vaera.”

“For what? Destroying more worlds?” she said bitterly. Her lip curled at the thought, her gaze focused on the spot where the world had once been. When she made her decision, she made sure that the souls went to whatever afterlife they believed in.

“Hopefully not,” Loïc confessed, “but you have this connection with the universe that I haven’t seen in many mortals. Like many heroes, you have been touched by the gods-” he ignored Vaeramae’s derisive sound at that “-and I believe that you were meant to do great things.”

“Destruction of a world and all life on it isn’t great,” she said in a low voice. Self-loathing was present, colouring her voice in an ugly shade.

Loïc was quick to correct her. “Yes, it is. It’s terrible, but still great,” he pointed out. She still refused to look at him. Sighly quietly, he moved to stand beside her. “Loki told me that you were meant to do a great many things. While I may not trust Him, I do believe that He’s right about you. Even if you destroy countless worlds, I will be by your side. Nothing will change that.”

Her face softened a little, and she nodded to show that she heard him. “We should join the others,” the Valkyrie said quietly. “They’re waiting on us.”

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